Phoenix Suns Should Trade Steve Nash Before 2012 Deadline

Fan's rant, open letter to team management, etc... The Phoenix Suns owe Steve Nash an opportunity to get something more out of his career than busting his as* for a .500 level team. Right now, the Phoenix Suns could trade Steve Nash to a number of NBA teams that would be able to provide some valuable players in return. Wait until the summer and let him walk away... get nothing. Oh, you want to save cap room for free agents in the summer? Who exactly do you think you can get? Dwight Howard isn't coming to Phoenix. Deron Williams isn't coming to Phoenix. With those two superstars off the table, who can Phoenix expect to sign that will make any difference for 2012-13? "We'll trade Nash if he asks for a trade"... OK guess what?? Nash is a gentleman w/ honor, loyalty & too much pride to ask for that. Be the "bigger man" here and pull the trigger to get him out of Phoenix. One more week to prove we are a team other players will respect and want to play for. Will they step up???
Published Friday, March 09, 2012 10:37 PM by chowell


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