Missing the NBA... But not as much as those depending on an income

I've been thoroughly disgusted by the NBA and player's union's inability to come to a compromise and get the season started. Not only did they each have 2 years to plan for this situation, neither side appears willing to bend on the issues that are important to making it a financial stable game again. This is not a win-win situation now - it's a lose-lose for both the NBA & the players. The players' rep is tarnished because you're all being exceptionally greedy and protecting their own interests. Can't say I wouldn't do the same thing, but at the same time, many of them are overpaid.

The owners are at fault in this situation just like the players are; if they don't want to pay outrageous salaries to no-name players (Eddy Curry, Jerome James) then they don't have to. In some cases, the owners need to pay for their mistakes in negotiating these poor contracts. There's just no way that a player like Curry/James should make what the top players are making - these are players just collecting checks.

What needs to happen:

- Players need to accept a revenue split no greater than 50/50. They are already the highest paid athletes in professional sports (on avg.).
- Contracts need shorter lengths.
- Contracts should not be guaranteed. Switch to a signing bonus model (or similar) like the NFL has so that players that who dog it after a new contract can get cut.
- Players need to shut up about # of practices, etc. Most of them play on a daily basis already so practices should be anytime/anywhere the coach demands.
- A salary cap is needed to prevent 3+ superstar players from corroborating to join super-teams. If they want to join a super-team; make it hurt them in the wallet.
- A heavy luxury tax should be applied to teams who exceed the salary cap. The proposal for additional taxes for multi-year offenders is also a great idea.
- Superstar rookies should be able to acquire a new contract/salary for All-Star appearances, MVP's, etc. without waiting until their 1st contract is over.

Until they reach a resolution, there will be no Suns trades, no free agent signings, no Steve Nash news... Nothing!

In addition to the players and owners losing money, as well as us fans missing out on our favorite sport, there are others who are being affected by the lack of games, such as: concessions workers, parking attendants, security guards, marketing departments, janitorial/cleaning crews, food & toiletry supply companies, online basketball odds makers, team writers, apparel suppliers and hundreds of other trickle-down businesses and individuals who support the NBA.

These are the real story of the NBA lockout... Not the owners & players.

Published Friday, November 11, 2011 1:45 PM by chowell
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