Sionar-Amare - (Former) Suns PF Leaves to Greener Pastures in NY

Amare Illustration - Dustin WatsonThe Phoenix Suns have officially downgraded their 2010-11 roster - expect an announcement any minute. While Grant Hill and Channing Frye were retained, one of the biggest free agents of the 2010 summer has officially declared his new destination. Undoubtedly, the team is downgrading after reaching the Western Conference Finals and coming within a hussle-shot by Ron Artest of taking a series lead over the Lakers.

Amare was our guilty pleasure - the highlight reel player we love; but he was also our Achilles heel. Sadly, Stoudemire's journey w/ the Suns has ended and he begins a new chapter in NY.

In what had become a love/hate relationship w/ Amare Stoudemire in Phoenix over the years, Suns management put their foot down on the max deal they were willing to bid for Amare, but the New York Knicks provided the max 5-yr deal that ultimately cost the Suns. Whether you liked Amare or hated him, his impact on the team was unmistakable - he made them a better team.

Hakeem Warrick is a cheap replacement for Amare, but he's not going to put up the same numbers night in & night out. Expect some inconsistency from day one, but really, is that so much different than we experienced w/ Stoudemire?

I have no hatred or negative feelings towards STAT as he begins a new life in New York - in fact, I will continue following his career and cheer for him. He seems to have really matured the last few years and leaves a class-act in my opinion. He said Phoenix was his #1 choice if they wanted him, but it's obvious that this was not the case - Phoenix only wanted to guarantee a 3-yr max deal. The Knicks panicked over LeBron's indecision and made the first big move and perhaps they overpaid for Stoudemire, but considering it is NY and Eddy Curry is making $11.2 million, Amare is a steal. 

All the best Amare on your new team & personal goals.

Published Wednesday, July 07, 2010 10:49 AM by chowell


Wednesday, July 07, 2010 12:28 PM by Scott Mitchell

# re: Sionar-Amare - (Former) Suns PF Leaves to Greener Pastures in NY

The Knicks waaaaaaaaaaaay overpaid for Amare. There's a lot of overpaying going on this offseason (see Joe Johnson in ATL for the best example).

Any bets where LeBron will end up? I have a hunch he's going to stay in Cleveland.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010 12:49 PM by chowell

# re: Sionar-Amare - (Former) Suns PF Leaves to Greener Pastures in NY

To be honest... I think the whole "sponsorship" of the press conference is a way for him to give back one last time to the kids in Cleveland before he goes elsewhere.

New Yorks seems most likely, but Chicago wouldn't surprise me either.

Friday, July 09, 2010 3:54 PM by Mark McCann

# re: Sionar-Amare - (Former) Suns PF Leaves to Greener Pastures in NY

I always liked the kid...he's got heart and it was nice to see him grow. But at this point I could give a hoot what happens to Los Suns. I'm all done with them.
Friday, July 09, 2010 4:07 PM by chowell

# re: Sionar-Amare - (Former) Suns PF Leaves to Greener Pastures in NY

Sorry you feel that way Mark. I don't think STAT was the Phoenix Suns (as a whole) so I'm definitely going to continue following them. Even though I started this Suns blog during Amare's tenure in PHX, I don't feel that abandoning them because of this move is an adequate response.

I'm curious who you're going to follow now? New York, Miami ???

Phoenix is still relevant and should put a decent package on the floor this upcoming year. They are only 1-2 solid free agents away from being pretty competitive (if not already).