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The Phoenix Suns are coming off of two embarrassing losses in a row to the NY Knicks and Cleveland Cavaliers, respectively.  In both games, the Suns simply looked like a team that didn't have much energy and/or were kind of on auto-pilot.  Against Cleveland, they looked tentative, avoiding Shaq & LeBron James defensively as if they had H1N1.  The game vs. New York was unexpected and really should have been a Win for Phoenix.  Former coach Mike D'Antoni certainly got the best of his former team (again).

The defense is the most glaring change in the Suns recently - they just haven't had the same intensity as they did when the season started.  No individual player is responsible for the change, but they need to get back to shutting teams down in the 4th quarter.  Against NY & Cleveland, however, they needed some defensive stops in the 1st & 2nd quarters to prevent getting down by so many points.

Phoenix finished their road trip at 2-2 and still own one of the league's best records, so there's no reason to panic right now.  Hopefully the two blowouts were a rarity and the team returns to its winning ways immediately.  They can ill afford to lose too many games in what is anticipated to be a very competitive playoff race in the Western Conference.  As many as 10 teams are currently capable of getting into the 8 available slots.

Leandro Barbosa has been slowed by injury so the bench is a little more barren (in scoring) than before, but that's no excuse for getting their a** handed to them the past 2 games.  The other role players should have stepped up & filled the void left by Barbosa.  This isn't to say that the starters were playing well either - they are the one's that fell behind early in the games after-all.

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