Suns Virtually Eliminated from NBA Playoffs w/ Shoddy Loss to Mavs

While still not official statistically, the Phoenix Suns are virtually eliminated from playoff contention after their horrendous showing on Sunday vs. the Dallas Mavericks, the team they WERE chasing.  Dallas had their way with the Suns so strongly, that the Suns didn't even play their starters in the 4th quarter - they may have for a minute or two, but at the 8-9 minute mark, Nash, Shaq and the others were nowhere to be seen.

I wasn't in town and only saw the 4th quarter, but I can imagine what you guys were going through watching them fall further & further behind, watching their playoff hopes fade.

Prior to the Sunday game, I still had hope and even believed that Utah, not Dallas, was that team that would falter and allow the Suns an entry into the playoffs.  Despite the Jazz' recent slide, they are 1 game ahead of Dallas now and Phoenix is outside looking in.

Looking forward to the offseason, the NCAA tournament likely showcased the Suns next draft pick - hopefully there is someone left they can get and/or they get lucky on the ping-pong balls to get Blake Griffin.  I wished the season had turned out differently, but I enjoyed every minute of it and will continue to follow whatever Suns team is on the floor next year.  I thought Nash, O'Neal and/or Amare would be traded this offseason, but with the economy the way it is and teams probably not looking to take on those huge salaries, I wouldn't be surprised to see them stay in Suns uniforms for another year.

Published Wednesday, April 08, 2009 10:30 AM by chowell
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