Terry Porter Chosen as Next Phoenix Suns Coach

Steve Kerr has made his decision... Terry Porter will be the new head coach of the Phoenix Suns.

The announcement ends about a month of unknowns for a club that got bounced in the 1st round of the 2008 NBA Playoffs.  Kerr chose Porter primarily based on the fact that he had prior coaching experience, albeit only 2 yrs w/ Milwaukee.

"He's got a great combination of leadership skills," Kerr said in a telephone interview. "He's a great communicator. And his coaching experience, two years as a head coach, is important to me. The fact that he's sat in that chair, that was a key factor. He's very tough-minded."

Terry Porter's contract with the Suns is reportedly for 3 yrs and a total of $7 million.  Quite a bargain compared to the $6 million annual salary that former coach Mike D'Antoni is getting in New York.

Porter will have his hands full next year with a roster which could be past it's prime and might begin a rebuilding process soon.  He will certainly have the respect of the veterans, having played against most of them during his career, but it's unknown how he'll mesh with the Suns future superstar, Amare Stoudemire.  Amare is certainly a superstar, but Porter is likely to push STAT for more than he's provided in the past.  Avoiding a conflict with Amare will be key, but if he's not able to coincide with the coach, it would not be out of the question for Kerr to move Stoudemire for equal value.

I'm glad that the coaching search is over and I think they chose the best candidate from their list.  They still have their hands full choosing an assistant coaching staff, since their needs for a defensive guru and someone to work with Amare have yet to be addressed.  Congratulations to Terry Porter on becoming the new Phoenix Suns coach.

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