Phoenix Suns News - Week of 11/5/07

2009 NBA All-Star Game Logo - Awarded to Phoenix, AZThe Suns have had a pretty quiet week, but their matchup Friday against the winless Miami Heat is still a must-watch - at least for the first half.  Shaq and Co. have yet to crack the win column, thanks mostly in part to the absence of superstar Dwyane Wade.  The trade for Ricky Davis and Mark Blount has helped a bit, but the Heat are still pretty old and are getting beat regularly.  After a deflating loss to the Atlanta Hawks and former Suns' player Joe Johnson earlier in the week, I'm sure the Phoenix players are looking forward to running all over (& around) the Heat.

Phoenix, AZ to Host 2009 All-Star Game
Not much to say about this, other than... hell ya!!  Hope I can score some tickets and enjoy the weekend festivities.  Phoenix is a great city and you know that all the players in the league will enjoy coming here in February for a break.  Next to Las Vegas and LA perhaps, Arizona is probably one of the most desirable places to play (during winter months).

Amare Stoudemire Injury Update
While the news out of Suns camp is that Amare's knee is feeling better, we still don't have a definitive update on when he'll return to the court.  He's missed 2 games so far and will be missed against a Miami squad on Friday.  STAT has been upbeat during his time off the court, even coming up with a new term for how well he'll be playing when he comes back... "Stoude-fire".  In addition to the injury news, Stoudemire was named as one of the Suns' captains recently.  He joins Steve Nash and Shawn Marion as captains.

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