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With all of the fuss over where Kobe Bryant might get traded, I thought I'd try to be a GM myself using ESPN's Trade Machine and come up with possible trade scenarios.  While all of these ideas are certainly not going to pan out, it at least provides a couple options that are viable.  Some of these are actually pretty crappy trades (for the Lakers), but the money works out so you never know...Kobe Bryant to leave LA Lakers?

Kobe Bryant Trade Scenario 1

  • Washington Wizards trade Gilbert Arenas ($11.9 million / 2 yrs) and Etan Thomas ($6.3 million / 3 yrs) to the LA Lakers for Kobe ($19.5 million / 3 yrs).

Analysis: The Lakers get a superstar in return and a player likely to blossom in La-La-Land.  Sure, Etan Thomas is probably out for the season (if not his career), but getting Arenas helps keep the Lakers in at least the same status they are now - a 7th or 8th playoff seed.  Gilbert would land back home in LA, so you know he'd go for the trade.  Kobe would be teamed up w/ Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison, which is certainly an upgrade from Lamar Odom and Luke Walton.

Kobe Bryant Trade Scenario 2

  • New Orleans Hornets trade Peja Stojakovic ($11.6 million / 4 yrs) and Bobby Jackson ($5.7 million / 2 yrs) to the LA Lakers for Kobe ($19.5 million / 3 yrs).

Analysis: In all likelihood, Kobe never approves this deal.  On paper, the Lakers get two players capable of scoring in double figures and playing solid (when healthy).  Of course, the health concerns on both players would be an issue for the Lakers, as well as the fact they're not getting a superstar in return for Bryant.  The trade would leave New Orleans with Tyson Chandler, Chris Paul and David West - again, this would be a much better team than the current Lakers.  Kobe is unlikely to move to New Orleans, so this is most certainly just a fantasy.

Kobe Bryant Trade Scenario 3

  • Memphis Grizzlies trade Mike Miller ($8.4 million / 3 yrs), Hakim Warrick ($1.4 million / 1 yr) and Brian Cardinal ($5.8 million / 3 yrs) to the LA Lakers for Kobe ($19.5 million / 3 yrs).

Analysis: The Lakers get two starters and Kobe goes to play w/ Pau Gasol and Rudy Gay.  Not quite a perfect match for Kobe or the Grizzlies, but the money works.  The Lakers would get two viable starters and a good decent backup PF (like they don't have enough of those already).

Kobe Bryant Trade Scenario 4

  • Indiana Pacers trade (no, not O'Neal) Mike Dunleavy ($8.2 yrs / 4 yrs), Marquis Daniels ($6.4 million / 2 yrs) and David Harrison ($1.7 million / 1 yr) to the LA Lakers for Kobe ($19.5 million / 3 yrs).

Analysis: This would leave the Pacers with a solid frontcourt still (Jermaine O'Neal, Jeff Foster, Ike Diogu and Troy Murphy) as well as pretty good backcourt (Tinsley, Granger and Kobe) and a viable Eastern Conference title contender.  It's doubtful that the Lakers would accept Daniels, whose troubled past would be a concern, or even Dunleavy, whose huge contract is extremely overvalued.  It's fun to play, but this ain't happenin'.

 Kobe Bryant Trade Scenario 5

  • Houston Rockets trade Tracy McGrady ($18.2 million / 3 yrs) and Luther Head ($1.1 million / 1 yr) to the LA Lakers for Kobe ($19.5 million / 3 yrs).

Analysis: Wow... so this one actually could be something that Bryant might accept - pairing up w/ Yao Ming and a deep backcourt.  Houston really doesn't lose anything in the deal and probably improves overall.  McGrady's health is a concern, but he's a superstar that is almost a 1-for-1 for Bryant (ok, maybe not).  If McGrady plays more than 80% of the season's games, is he not a better team player and contributor than Kobe?  I still don't see this happening, but the Rockets have a new coach so anything could happen.

Kobe Bryant Trade Scenario 6

  • Cleveland Cavaliers trade Larry Hughes ($12 million / 3 yrs) and Damon Jones ($4.2 million / 2 yrs) to the LA Lakers for Kobe ($19.5 million / 3 yrs).

Analysis: Haha... no way this one happens, but can you imagine Lebron James and Kobe Bryant on the same team?  Financially it could happen, but realistically no... The Lakers would not take on a frequently injured player (Hughes) and a guy who can't even get in a Finals game (Jones).  We can dream, but this isn't reality.

Suns' Amare Stoudemire to have minor arthroscopic surgery on right kneeUpdated 10/4/07

The panic button was pushed by Suns fans around the country yesterday when they heard that Amaré Stoudemire was going in for knee surgery today. But everyone can take a collective deep breath because STAT is doing just fine.

The All-NBA performer underwent successful arthroscopic surgery on his right knee this morning, removing a small loose body that had broken off from his joint. The cause of the floating debris was attributed to the normal wear and tear of playing competitive basketball.

“It was a routine procedure," General Manager Steve Kerr said. "Everything that the doctor expected to see is exactly what he saw. Amaré is coming down Thursday and starting rehab immediately. We expect to see him back on the court in two and a half to three weeks. There is no reason for concern.”  More from Suns.com

Original Post (10/1/07)

Ok, before you freak out and think Amare's out for another year, realize that this procedure is on his right knee and not on the left one which forced him out.  STAT reportedly has loose particles in his right knee that the Suns would rather take care of now instead of waiting.  This is the same surgery that Suns guard Raja Bell had just a few months ago.

"It's a procedure that Raja (Bell) just went through just to clean it up," Suns coach Mike D'Antoni said. "We have time to do it so we thought let's go ahead and get it done."

If I recall correctly, didn't the Suns think they were doing a minor surgery the last time around also?  And Stoudemire ends up missing the entire season after having microfracture surgery.

Team orthopedic surgeon Thomas Carter will perform the operation.

There was no mention of the impending surgery, by Stoudemire or anyone else, during the team's media day gathering on Monday. The plans were revealed in a news release issued by the team Monday evening.

The Suns, without Stoudemire, traveled by bus Monday to Tucson, where they begin a six-day training camp on Tuesday at the University of Arizona's McKale Center.

Amare is suppose to miss just a few weeks, so the Suns should be close to full-strength when they open the season against the Sonics.

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