Suns Lose, Spurs Advance to WCF

San Antonio Spurs

While you do have to give credit to the Spurs for their dominance in Game 6, its EXTREMELY HARD not to think of how the series would've been if Amare & Diaw played in a home, Game 5.  As it was, the Suns only lost by 3 points.  If those two players were on their homecourt, I find it hard to believe they would've lost at home.  Winning Game 5 would've put the Suns up 3-2, but because of the suspensions, they were unable to get the win and went into Game 6 with a 3-2 deficit.

I don't need to explain San Antonio's dominance at their homecourt, but having won Game 5, the series was a foregone conclusion - Spurs advance.

Tim Duncan was extraordinary in Game 6 on offense and defense, so its fitting that he gets the Spurs into the Western Conference Finals.

The Suns were too little, too late, despite a late run that reduced a 20 pt lead to under 5 pts late in the basketball game. Steve Nash caught fire in the 4th quarter, but the defense couldn't hold the Spurs (at all) and they continued to hit their shots and late free throws to seal the game.

I really can't argue that San Antonio played a better game to advance, but its hard to argue that the cheap shot by Robert Horry and the subsequent suspensions of Amare & Boris cost the Suns a chance to win the series. 

I'm not bitter about the hit, but it affected the series - point blank.  The Suns failed again in their attempts to win a title, so I can't imagine they'll just “stay put“ with the current lineup.  Suns fans should expect the team to make a move or two in an attempt to compete in the ever increasingly difficult Western Conference.

What might happen?  Expect any of the following Suns to be on the trading block:

  • Shawn Marion
  • Boris Diaw
  • and every other player not named Nash, Stoudemire, Barbosa, Bell & Thomas.

Face it Suns fans... the team is ill-equiped to compete for a title if the league is going to allow the more physical teams to control the outcomes of the games.  We must get more physical or we face another season of hope & elimination next year.  Do you think the Timberwolves would accept a Diaw/Marion/Banks deal for Kevin Garnett?  That's a pretty good group to build on if you're Minnesota...

Published Friday, May 18, 2007 10:34 PM by chowell


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