Suns Lose to Spurs in Game 5, 88-85

San Antonio Spurs

There's really not a lot to say about Game 5, other than the Suns put together an extremely valiant effort to win without Diaw and Stoudemire.  San Antonio's starting 5 was just too tough down the stretch and Phoenix couldn't hit a shot.

Leandro Barbosa and Raja Bell both struggled from the field, something that they really couldn't afford to do.  Steve Nash played well, as did Kurt Thomas and Shawn Marion, although he virtually disappeared after the 1st half.  The Spurs switched up their defensive assignments on Marion, putting a quicker SF/SG type player on him instead of Elson/Duncan.

The only thing the Suns can hope for is that the return of STAT and Diaw pushes them over the top in Game 6 (& 7).  They nearly did it without them, so there should be no reason they can't do it on Friday night.

Overall.... Great game to watch. Suns fans should be proud for their energy at the game.

Published Thursday, May 17, 2007 7:20 AM by chowell


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