Spurs take Game 1 from Suns... Leave Nash bruised & bloodied

San Antonio Spurs

Not a bad start to what looks to be a great series - Suns vs Spurs - round 1 goes to San Antonio 111-106, but just barely.  Had Steve Nash not been removed from the game because of the excess blood, the Suns would've stood a much higher chance of winning the game.

The Suns' players all did pretty well - Nash led the way with 31 pts, and four other players scored in double-figures. Amare Stoudemire grabbed 18 rebounds (Tim Duncan had 16), so it looks like he's on pace for another big series.  Had Stoudemire shot better than 6-19, you can be assured that his numbers would've eclipsed Timmy's.  Amare also had 5 blocks (Duncan had 3).

Steve Nash failed to reach 10 assists in a game for the first time during the playoffs.  Assuming he can stay in the game w/ a sore nose for game 2, you can expect him to eclipse the mark again.

There's a lot of talk about how the officiating changed the game, but it's hard to argue that the Suns didn't get any calls.  Tony Parker was fouled numerous times when we was driving to the basket, but nothing was called.  The refs did an ok job and righted any wrongs done to the Suns by giving them a few “make-up“ calls.

The Suns' Steve Nash Collided w/ Spurs guard Tony Parker, opening a gash over his nose. The injury forced Nash to miss several critical minutes of Game 1 - Copyright (AP Photo/Matt York)

Of course the big story of the game was Nash's injury...

An interesting issue regarding the injury to Nash. A doctor actually wrote in an email to me and suggested that had the Suns kept a suture kit on the sidelines, Steve could've been cared for and back on the court in less than a minute - and stayed on the court.  With the outcome of the game in jeopardy, the Suns should've had a better method of stopping the blood on Nash's nose.

“It would have taken about 35 seconds to put a little lidocane with epi in that wound and sew it up and stop bleeding. It is amazing to me that a suture kit and equipment is not there to do something like that when so much is on the line.  I took three minutes out of my ER shift to watch the end of the game.  I would have given anything to be there and spend the 35 seconds to do it right and get him back in the game.“ - P. Johnson (MD)

It's hard to argue with this doctor's assessment, especially with the game on the line.  The Suns would be wise to keep the tools & staff close by for the remaining games just in case Nash's nose opens up again, or another player needs to be repaired on the fly.  They're spending enough money on Nash and the rest of the team, they should definitely make sure they have medical staff on-hand to ensure their $$ isn't wasted like it was yesterday.

Dime had a good quote also:

“Will the Suns trainer still have a job this morning? Yeah, Tony Parker was doing his thing (32 pts, 8 asts) and yes, Phoenix had no answer for Tim Duncan down low (33 pts, 16 rebs), but a big reason the Suns dropped Game 1 is because Steve Nash had to sit out some crucial stretches of crunch-time with a bloody face. Nash and Parker collided late in the fourth, opening up a nasty cut on Nash’s nose that we would have sooner expected to see in the Mayweather/De La Hoya fight this weekend. The Suns’ staff couldn’t keep the bleeding under control, and according to the rules, Nash (31 pts, 8 asts) had to keep sitting down whenever his cut started bleeding...“  Full story

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