NBA News, Suns News - Week of March 5, 2007

NBA News

Dwyane Wade (Heat) - The Miami Heat guard has opted to rehab his injured shoulder instead of having season-ending surgery. The NBA superstar has decided that he might be able to return for the playoffs if he goes the rehab route; shoulder surgery would rule out the playoffs most likely.  Get Dwyane Wade's jersey here

I think it's cool that Wade is going to try and come back, but listening to Pat Riley explain why Wade was going to rehab his shoulder was almost revolting.  He made it sound like Wade “had” to do it for his teammates - whether it was good long-term for his career or not. Riley is an ass...

Ron Artest (Kings) - The controversies surrounding Artest never seem to end. This time, the Sacramento Kings forward was arrested at his house for supposed “domestic abuse”, including preventing a victim from reporting a crime. The Kings effectively ended Artest's season (though he's still going to get paid) via an “indefinite leave of absence“. Get Ron Artest's jersey here (while he's still a King :P)

Classic Ron Artest

Word on the street, is that Artest was leaving the house when the woman he's accused of abusing came out and broke the window of his vehicle; that's when police arrived. I'm not discounting the fact that Ron-Ron may have done something bad, but the actions of the woman are a little troubling as well.

Yao Ming (Rockets) - The Chinese center returned Monday night against the Cavs, and despite a decent performance in his first game back, the Rockets lost. Get Yao Ming's jersey here

Phoenix Suns News

Boris Diaw (Suns) - After missing games because of back spasms for nearly 2 weeks, Suns utility player Diaw will likely return to the court Wednesday.  Get Boris Diaw's jersey here

This is great news for the Suns who need to start building a stride as they head towards the playoffs. While Diaw's impact has probably not been noticed, Phoenix is desperate to get him back on the floor and prepared for a repeat performance this year... you might remember he excelled in the playoffs last year.

Shawn Marion (Suns) - Marion missed two games because of a bruised hand & quad, which he suffered against the Pacers over a week ago. The Suns were 1-1 with Marion out of the lineup. Get Shawn Marion's jersey here

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