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2007 NBA All-Star Game - Las Vegas, NV

NBA All-Star Weekend has come and gone... There were some interesting things that happened, as well as some not so interesting things.  I tried to watch each of the weekend's events, but a sick girlfriend and a 7 yr old to entertain derailed my TV time just a bit (no complaints however).

Celebrity Shootout -The West team won 40-21... Twenty-one points - are you kidding? Who cares.

Charles Barkley vs. Dick Bavetta - Old Chuckster won the 3 1/2 court sprint w/ referee Dick Bavetta, including a running backwards moment that almost cost him the race.  It was entertaining at least.

NBA Shooting Stars - Boring... Some controversy gives the win to the Detroit team.

Skills Challenge - Wade beats Kobe, repeats as champ.

Three-Point Shootout - This was probably the most entertaining event of the weekend, and the one with the most intensity (ok, still not much).  After begging to be in the contest, Jason Kapono didn't disappoint. Gilbert Arenas scored 23 in the opening round to advance w/ Kapono and Dirk Nowitzki, last year's winner.  Dirk stunk it up in the final round (9 pts) and Kapono pretty much iced the victory w/ 24 pts - Arenas went afterwards, but didn't come close.

NBA Slam Dunk Contest - Personally, this is usually my favorite event to watch every year, besides the All-Star game itself.  There are a lot of people out there saying the dunk contest is fading/gone, but I really wish the NBA would take a look at making it like it use to be.  Inviting only 4 players to participate is a shame in my opinion... I know there are more players than that willing to show off for their 15 minutes of fame. 

If the dunk contest does disappear soon, I'm going to put the whole thing on Nate Robinson (fault).  After requiring more than 10 attempts last year to make 1 dunk and somehow winning the damn thing (poor judges IMHO), he took 9 attempts in the 2 minutes alotted to him this year and another 2 attempts after that.  The contestants should have 4 attempts at most.  Robinson's continued attempts really took the contest down a few notches.

Congrats to Gerald Green from the Boston Celtics for the win... his highlight dunk was in the 1st round jumping over Nate Robinson, who replaced a cardboard cutout of himself that Green was going to use.

NBA All-Star Game - The game included many great highlight dunks, passes and plays overall.  Kobe Bryant scored 31 pts to lead the West team to a blowout win over the East.  The effort resulted in Kobe receiving the MVP award, though he did take 9 three-pointers (for what?).  Amare Stoudemire was awesome off the bench for the West, scoring 29 pts and narrowly losing the MVP to Bryant.  There was a scary moment when Lebron James attempted to alley-opp himself off the backboard; I guess he forget to tell the defense he was going to do it and was nearly injured as he fell to the ground.

NBA Trades & Rumors
The major trade news swirling around today is the possibility of Jason Kidd joining the L.A. Lakers.  Rod Thorn of the Nets says there's only a 5% chance Kidd will move anywhere, including to L.A.  New Jersey is trying to get a 3rd team involved so they can get something better in return than the Lakers are offering (expiring contracts, draft pick).  Kobe and Kidd in the same backcourt would certainly be a sight to see and make them contenders in the Western Conference.

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