Allen Iverson to skip All-Star Game

2007 NBA All-Star Game - Las Vegas, NV

More bad news for the Western Conference All-Stars... superstar Allen Iverson has announced that we will skip the All-Star Game to rest his ankle.  Iverson will reportedly return to the court on February 20th against San Antonio.

Iveron's announcement is the 2nd in as many days.  Yesterday, the Phoenix Suns announced that MVP Steve Nash would skip the weekend events to rest his sore shoulder.

The announcement by Allen Iverson certainly clears the way for some other worthy player to make the roster.  The West had many players that could've been selected to the team, but there simply weren't enough open spots for them.  Some lucky players will probably make it to the game now; hopefully David Stern picks a non-guard for at least one of the replacements.

This latest injury brings the total number of players missing the game for the Western Conference to 4 (players).  Yao Ming and Carlos Boozer were the first two to be replaced, and how Nash & Iverson will be as well.  A recent injury to Elton Brand and Baron Davis will probably remove them from consideration, so Ray Allen, Zach Randolph and Deron Williams are probably the front-runners.

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Published Tuesday, February 13, 2007 12:44 PM by chowell


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