San Antonio / Detroit NBA Finals, Game 2 recap

Wow, San Antonio almost scored 100 points in a game against Detroit... wouldn't this have been great if Detroit had actually reached 90 themselves?  I've written about this horrible NBA Playoff series in a prior article (read more).  I'm not the only one with this opinion though, checkout Mike Kahn's article on FoxSports.

I do have to give San Antonio credit, as they've been able to score at-will against a suddenly porous Pistons defense - the Spurs hit 11 3-pointers (45%) in Game 2.  Detroit might be in better shape if they could hit a shot also; they followed up a 37% shooting drill on Thursday with a whopping 40% nightmare Sunday evening.  Rasheed Wallace and Ben Wallace have yet to show up; Antonio McDyess has played better thus far, especially after his 15 pt, 7 rb performance Sunday.

Despite the schooling that the Spurs are putting on Detroit, this series still sucks.  About the only bright spot is Manu Ginobili... sort of reminds me of Kobe Bryant in his 2nd & 3rd years in the league.  Ginobili's creativity is currently unmatched in the NBA, which is great for basketball.  His hussle in the 4th quarter of Game 2 helps to show why foreign players are so successful in today's NBA.  Ginobili made several deflections and a key steal that led to a 3-pointer to seal the game (actually, it was sealed a lot earlier than that).

Here's hoping San Antonio closes this out in 4 games so we can start talking about the impending NBA lockout.


Published Monday, June 13, 2005 2:40 PM by chowell


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