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Thoughts on the NBA Referee Scandal

Between Games 3 and 4 of the NBA Finals, disgraced ex-referee Tim Donaghy said that a handful of past postseason games were called impartially by the referees to extend a series per the machinations of the League and stations carrying the postseason games...
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Turns Out Referee Gambling is OK

Earlier I mentioned how the NBA front office was looking at sanctioning six referees who had gambled at casinos. Turns out there were more than six refs violating the anti-gambling policy - it was more like 25! Whoops. Rather than fine half his referee...
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Six NBA Referees Disciplined for Violating Anti-Gambling Rules

One of the Five Stories to Follow this NBA Season I blogged about earlier was the referee situation. Tim Donaghy was the focal point of an FBI investigation on gambling in the NBA. Well, it turns out Donaghy wasn't the only ref who violated the league...
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Five Stories to Follow to this NBA Season

It's that time of year again. With Major League Baseball wrapping up its playoffs, the NBA regular season is right around the corner! The season tips off the last week of October (with the Lakers squaring off against the Houston Rockets on Tuesday, October...

Joey Crawford Back in the League

Hothead referee Joey Crawford has been reinstated into the NBA. As I blogged about earlier , Crawford was suspended back in April of this year for slapping a benched Tim Duncan with two quick technicals, and then jawing with him as he was leaving the...

Referee Joey Crawford Suspended Indefinitely

I watched Sunday's Mavs-Spurs game and was as mystified as everyone else when Tim Duncan picked up his second technical foul while sitting on the bench. This clip shows how Timmy gets the first technical (sitting on the bench) and then the second, laughing...
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