The NBA Conference Finals Preview and Predictions

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This is my favorite time of year, the NBA Conference Finals are upon us!

This year’s Western Conference Finals are going to be one for the ages. In one corner you've got the two-time reigning MVP, 73 wins, and perhaps the deepest NBA team since the 80s. And in the other corner you have two of the best five players in the NBA. I see this series going 6 or 7 games. There will be a blow out or two, but most games should be nail bitters!

Speaking of the Warriors and their historic season, they have looked a bit shaky this postseason. One thing that was so impressive with the Chicago Bulls in 1996 and 1997 is that they bullied their way through the playoffs. Granted, the Finals had a few moments of doubt, but the Bulls methodically took care of business in the Eastern Conference rounds. There was no doubt that they were the most dominant team. But the Warriors aren’t showing the same mettle. Yes, they had an amazing regular season, but they’ve looked beatable these playoffs. The Thunder will be a great test for them, a test I think they’ll overcome but it’s in no way guaranteed.

The Eastern Conference Finals, unfortunately, are a bit more anemic than the competition in the West. The Raptors are plucky, but they’ve run up against the juggernaut of the East, the Cleveland Cavaliers. A team that’s healthy, harmonious, and humming on all cylinders. Contrast that to the Raptors, who come in hobbled after two excruciating seven game series. The Raptors may win one at home, but I’m predicting a four game sweep by the Cavs.

This goes without saying, but, my goodness, LeBron James is a very good basketball player. It’s jaw dropping how big, strong, fast, and smart he is out on the basketball court. He’s been doing this for 13 years now without any major injuries. He’s a bit slower, sure, but he’s still the best player in the League and will no doubt go down as one of the best 5 players in NBA History. If I was building a team from scratch and needed to think about what players to take for the longevity of the franchise, I can’t think of many players I’d choose before LBJ.

Whether the Conference Finals are a historic matchup (as in the West) or a foregone conclusion (as in the East), there’s one way to make every game exceedingly more watchable and fun – and that’s by gambling on the outcome! I’ve been looking into NBA betting at William Hill as a way to spice up the excitement of each game.

My final prediction is... Warriors over the Thunder in 6, and the Cavs over the Raptors in 4. The NBA Finals will be a glorious rematch from last year, but this time the Cavs will have a full and healthy roster. I see this series being one for the ages. It will go 7 games and in the waning seconds of the final game a superstar from one team will hit the game winner. That player will, soon thereafter, be named the NBA Finals MVP (again) and there will be wild jubilation and celebration in the streets of Cleveland, as they net their first NBA championship! Yes, that’s right, I’ve got the Cavs in 7!
Published Thursday, May 19, 2016 11:22 PM by Scott Mitchell


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