Random Basketball Stat of the Day

 As I noted previously, I've been getting into analyzing NBA stats recently, which seems all the rage these days. Anywho, here's a random fun stat for the day:

Guards and forwards are both more than five times as likely to have a season with more offensive rebounds than defensive rebounds. The only centers to have more offensive rebounds than defensive rebounds in a season were (when considering only players who played 41 games or more):

  • Chris Dudley (1987)
  • Ed Horton (1989)
  • Stacey King (1992)
  • Scott Lloyd (1978)
  • Granville Waiters (1985)
(Keep in mind that rebound stats weren't divided into offensive and defensive stats until the 1973 season.)

 A few weeks ago I also added a new feature to the NBAWebLog.com homepage - statcenter's Twitter feed. statcenter routinely posts various NBA stats via his (her?) Twitter feed, which then gets displayed on this site's homepage.

Published Thursday, March 26, 2009 4:55 AM by Scott Mitchell
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