October 2008 - Posts

The NBA regular season started tonight, starting off another long season that's sure to have it's share of drama, stars,injuries, duds, hot streaks, and cold streaks. The Lakers started their season against the young and hopeful Portland Trailblazers and won handily, 96-76. Speaking of injuries, the cursed Blazers suffered a setback when Greg Oden - who sat out all of last year after undergoing knee surgery - injured his foot early in the game and could not return. The X-Rays were negative, but he's scheduled for an MRI to ascertain the extend of the muscle damage.

A lot of people like the Lakers chances this year, with a hungry Kobe, a healthy Bynum, and Gasol playing in the more natural PF spot (as opposed to the center position he played after Bynum's injury last year, a position where he was routinely muscled around by stronger big men). I think as long as Kobe maintains the pass first, shoot second attitude he adopted last year, and assuming the Lakers stay healthy, I like their chances, too.

Go Lakers!

It's been a while since I've last blogged here, and my posts this season may be more infrequent than in years past in large part because my wife and I added a new member to our family in September. Also, I've been becoming a bigger and bigger NFL fan over the past four or five years and as a result don't really get ramped up to the NBA regular season until February. Which is not unlike the attitude of certain NBA players (Shaq, I'm looking in your general direction).

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