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There was some banter at in the pre-season this year that this would be Hall of Fame coach Phil Jackson's last season with the Lakers, but the word is that Phil Jackson has just signed a two-year extension with the Lakers, making him the coach through the 2009-2010 season. He will reportedly make $6 million per year (his current rate).

What remains to be seen is if Kobe will remain a Laker for those two years. Kobe started this year insinuating that he wanted to be traded, although with the Lakers playing above .500 and with Kobe's no-trade clause hampering potential deals, it looks as if Kobe might be wearing Purple and Gold the remainder of this season. Yet next year is his last year on contract. I wouldn't be surprised if Phil has at least one year of post-Kobe (maybe two). We've all seen how good Phil Jackson is with a superstar (or two) on his team, but a Kobe-less Lakers will give us all the chance to see just how good of a coach Phil really is.

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